Monday, August 15, 2016

Just a quick update....


Hi all, just a quick update lost 600 grams this week, so happy with that :).

I am thinking with my blog, I may start a post throughout the week and then just continue adding to it, when I have something to say, cause if I leave it, by the time I go to blog, I have forgotten it lol, or I cant be bothered writing out a bigger post - so I will trial it this week and see if that makes it easier :). I may even come back later in the day and add to the post, we will see....

Went to the doctor last week, waiting to see specialist, where he said they will prob refer me for a scan, and he is 99.9% sure it is not CRPS related, that does scare me just a little, at least if it was CRPS related I think I would cope better, anyway trying not to think about it to much :(

I will do each day in a different colour so that will make it easier for you to see if there is an update :)

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  1. woohooo, those scales are on the downward trend…well done.