Monday, April 17, 2017

Ok where do I begin.....

About 12 months ago, or maybe a bit beforehand I decided to make the business become a full time venture, I knew this would require some changes in me, like coming off all meds, yes you heard right coming off ALL meds.....

Not only that it meant that I need to get healthy as well, and yes that means fitness and weight loss. I have already started the weight loss and have lost 6.1 kilos since end of Feb. I have no time frame..... how am I doing it?, well at the moment, not really having to try to much, as I have pretty much constant nausea most days, though I have joined Weight-watchers, but have not even used it - yip waste of money but I paid for 3 months, so not a lot I can do, I keep thinking this week I will track, but I don't lol. I am going to start doing some yoga this week, need to build up strength. 

Went to the Gold Coast again last year, we wont be going this year as we have/had huge vet bills. Rusty had 'Patella Surgery', he was a stage 3 just before Christmas, this was $2000 plus hydrotherapy every week for recovery was $30 a session, last session will be this Saturday thanks god, he is doing well now, though his other leg is looking like it might need the same surgery. Then there is Miss Chico, she has a 'Collapsing Tracheal', and we are looking at surgery. I am pissed because both these things are heredity and has come from breeding without getting the parents genetically tested. I will never ever purchase a mixed breed without knowing if the parents are genetically tested, and they have come back clear, thats if I ever do buy another mixed breed dog. They also believe this is what could have caused Chico to have the seizure. Chico's surgery is anywhere between $2000 - $5000. Yes the financial side is not good, but breeders need to be more responsible nowadays and not breed unless genetic testing has been done. 

Onto other things, the twins are doing well, Chris is up in Auckland, has a really nice girlfriend, so glad the other one left, she was a right bitch, cheating on him etc. He has a job that pays well, lives with his dad, doing all these wonderful things, diving etc and turned into a right jaffa, with a boyz car and loves labels. Steph is in Rotorua, still with her boyfriend, been a few years now, living with him and working, so both kids are happy and doing well :). 

Not sure what else to say for now, I am sure there is more but I am now watching 13 Reasons.... and its getting interesting, so going to sign of and veg out a bit. Yesterday I cleaned out the pantry and am paying for it today......

Updates will be minimum weekly, but even be daily, or just whenever.

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend, take care, stay safe, and keep smiling :)


  1. yay....welcome back Jackie...great to see a blog again.

  2. Lovely to hear from you again!! So how much of the meds are you off? About Chico, would it not be kinder to let her go to sleep? I know you love her but $2,000 to $5,000 is a lot of money. Up to you of course.

    I agree with you regarding breeding of dogs, it has much more to it than just mating two animals. Pure breeds have their issues too so I suppose there is no guarantee.

    1. We could never put her down, Chico is who we got of Chrish, she is only 5 1/2 years old, if it means not going overseas for a year so be it. Once the surgery is done, she would have no other issues we hope :). We have already spent $2000 on Rusty for his patella surgery, so if he needs the other one done we will do that as well. Breeders should get genetic testing done, be it pure bred or mixed bred, thats what I would want if we ever purchased another dog.

    2. At the moment I am coming of the methadone, after that it will be easy, just the tramadol and a few others but they wont be so slow to come off :)

  3. Did I get your dogs mixed up? I don't know which is which!!

  4. HI - I didn't even realise you had Rusty! I remember you had Biscuit previously. I totally understand that you want to keep your lovely dogs if you can. They become part of the family :)

  5. Hi

    Nice to see you back !!