Saturday, April 29, 2017


Forgot to mention weigh in last week, lost 900 grams last week, not a huge loss for April but still a loss of 1.8 Kilos for the month, as long as those scales keep going down is all I am asking for. 

Nails, have had a busy couple of days with them which has been good, even did a set today, only work Saturdays by appointment only. Have decided to start offering pedicures in a month or two, as I am losing clients who are wanting both, which I can understand. I just need to get the stuff and get my head in a position so I can do feet, did I mention I hate feet lol. 

At the moment am watching '13 Reasons Why', its been interesting and personally I think it has been a good insight for many issues - I wont go into to much detail as each person watching it will have their own opinions. I am on the second to last episode now. David has been at his sisters 50th birthday all day, so after the nail appointment I binge watched it. I didn't go to the 50th as I had a client and also I wanted him to spend time with his brother who is up from Wellington, if I had gone, I wouldn't have been able to last all day/night. Not sure if he is coming home tonight or not. I was thinking of driving over for the dinner, but the weather is crappy so decided a night at home alone sounded good lol. 

Anyway episode 13 is about to start, so am going to sign off now.........Have a great Sunday and stay safe and keep smiling :)

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